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Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

Please be aware these may change in line with any Government Guideline changes.  

  • Our groups will be limited to 15 children.
  • We will be running morning clubs only.
  • Registration will be taking place outside. Parents will not be allowed inside.
  • We will ask both Parents and Children to have their temperature checked daily at drop off.
  • A staff member will sign the child in on the parents/carers behalf to limit contact.
  • We will be asking adults to socially distance and wear a mask at drop off and pick up.
  • All children will wash hands on arrival, before eating and before leaving the session.
  • Handwashing facilities with running water, soap and paper towels in addition to hand sanitiser will be readily available.
  • Regular cleaning will take place throughout the morning. Cleaning of work areas and equipment between uses, frequent cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that are touched regularly.
  • According to guidance, if a child or adult tests positive for coronavirus, then the other members of that child’s ‘bubble’ (their group of children and teachers) must all self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Staff to complete a lateral flow test before the start of each holiday club or weekly class.
  • Adults and children should wear masks if coming by public transport.

Use of PPE

  • Teachers will use nitrile gloves for toileting, and at snack and lunchtimes to help the children. Gloves will only be used once.
  • Children will not hand round snacks, these will be handed out by the teachers.
  • Member of staff dealing with a person (child or adult) with suspected Covid-19 symptoms will wear a mask and gloves.
  • Member of staff dealing with a person with suspected Covid-19 symptoms will go home as soon as possible afterwards and wash whatever clothes they were wearing straight away.

Covid-19 symptoms / testing / isolating

  • Children or adults with Covid-19 symptoms should not attend Creative Wiz Kids.
  • Children or adults who live with (or are in close contact with) a person with Covid-19 symptoms should not attend Creative Wiz Kids. They should follow the Government self isolation guidelines.
  • Children or adults who develop Covid-19 symptoms while attending Creative Wiz Kids will be sent home as soon as is safely possible.
  • Adults and children over 5 who display symptoms should apply to be tested.
  • Children or adults who develop Covid-19 symptoms should comply with the Government guidelines for isolation.
  • Children or adults who have had Covid-19 symptoms can return to Creative Wiz Kids once the recommended isolation period has elapsed or a test has proved negative.
  • Parents and staff should be aware of the up to date symptom descriptions of Covid-19, according to the NHS.

Non-Covid symptoms or illness

  • As usual, parents should not bring a child to Creative Wiz Kids if they are ill.
  • Children can attend with a runny nose, so long as they are not feeling unwell.
  • If a child has non-Covid symptoms, they can return to Creative Wiz Kids when their symptoms disappear, or in line with NHS guidance (eg, with chickenpox children can return before all the spots have gone).

Covid-19 symptoms at Creative Wiz Kids

  • All staff will be vigilant for Covid-19 symptoms.
  • As per PHE guidelines, they will judge if a child has a high temperature by placing their hand on the child’s back or chest, to see if it is hot to touch.
  • If a staff member thinks that a child has symptoms, they will immediately inform the person in charge on the day.
  • The manager will decide who is best placed to care for that child, and ask them to remove the child away from their group. The child’s parents will be called to come and collect immediately.
  • If a staff member develops symptoms at Creative Wiz Kids, they will leave immediately to return home.
  • All parents will be informed if a child or adult develops symptoms while at Creative Wiz Kids.
  • Parents should ensure there is somebody available to pick your child up very quickly if they become ill at Creative Wiz Kids.

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