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Afternoon Holiday Club Session descriptions

Specialist Afternoon Sessions for 5-9 year olds which focus on different skills.

The clubs will continue throughout the year with dance, acting and performance, gardening, textiles, baking and a drumming circle.

Info about our upcoming Specialist Workshops:

Drumming Week with Jose Rico García

A Week on Drums!

We will be learning the fundamentals of music through rhythm and having fun.

There will be a full drum kit, guitar and percussion instruments to learn about coordination, the beat, a bar, different measures, and drum grooves and fills. We will sing musical scales, cadences and melodies. We will also be playing rhythms and riffs from popular music, like “we will rock you”, doing a different version with drums.

Musical Theatre Week with Wendy Miller

SONG SPRINGS … a journey to musical theatre expression

Sound. Song. Senses. In this exuberant workshop, children will explore the roots of song in themselves and experience how to weave this form of expression with others in chorus. It will be fun, silly, and serious as we work together to experience and create our loony and wondrous musical theatre expression during this workshop. No singing experience needed at all! 

Learn to use a variety of tools for peeling, grating, pounding with a pestle and mortar, cutting herbs with scissors, using a small knife, measuring liquids and dry ingredients.
Learn how to make hummus; smoothies; fruit salad using seasonal fruits; cakes using vegetables e.g. beetroot with chocolate; a focus on world foods- vegetable sushi; guacamole; lassi –mango, bananas, berries etc

Learn to embroider a tote bag.- design ideas/inspiration- plants and animals- running, stem, chain , cross stitches etc. Embellish/decorate with beads and buttons.
Stencil print a a design on to a tote bag – e.g. geometric patterns- cut a stencil and apply colours with a sponge.
Hand paint a design on a tote bag – using a variety of brushes to create your own abstract design.
Make a picture with buttons – stitch a variety of coloured buttons on to calico fabric to create your own unique design. – fish, bird, face, animal, abstract etc.
Felt making using multi coloured merino wool fibres to make –
a felt necklace or mobile using wet felting technique.
a felt picture of an endangered animal eg. polar bear, elephant, tiger etc.
a felt mask of a character from a book.

Paint your own planter or flower pot with bright colours and patterns. Plant up with seasonal flowers.
Learn about gardening tools – trowels, forks, rake, wheel barrow, dibber, secateurs, watering cans etc and making your own markers/labels with lolly sticks.
Make a garden mobile with shells, twigs, painted tins, bells, sticks, nylon wire, old keys etc.
Create a terrarium in an up cycled container using plastic bottle, jars, tins, plastic cups, cookie jars, cafetiere.

Illustration for Puppetry and Theatre Sets
Projects will sets the stage for children to use their imagination and have fun with various materials while creating 2D and 3D illustrated work in the form of paper puppets and theatre sets. These will be based around fairytales and whimsical characters inspired by famous fairytales from around the world. At the end of the week, children will have one big finished project or a series of individual projects to take home.

Collage/ Papier-mâché Mask Characters
Projects will be based around mask making, why different cultures around the world create masks and what stories they tell/represent. Children will learn about character development and will be introduced to papier-mâché art techniques. They will then create self-portraits and will develop characters inspired by stories in the form of masks. At the end of the week, children will have one big finished project or a series of individual projects to take home.


This dance focused club will involve a combination of lessons in styles of dance such as ballet, jazz and street. The children will explore performance and physical movement through games, learning skills that directly relate back to dancing. Throughout the week the children will learn of the importance of warming up before dancing and will learn about the more physical, fitness aspects of dancing. At the end of the week we will have a performance, where the children will be able to showcase what they have learnt to an audience of parents, guardians, family and friends.