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What Parents have said about CWK

“I feel bad for not writing to tell you how fabulous the girls were. It could not have gone better and they could not have been more helpful or energetic. All the kids had the best time!”
Jessica Oppetit

“I wanted to write to you to thank you and the wonderful Wiz Kids staff for continuing to support Julien. We know that accommodating neuro-diverse children can be complicated and create extra work for staff and, having had negative experiences with other camps, I wanted to say how grateful we are that Wiz Kids is so open and understanding on the front. He had a great time last week and couldn’t wait to go on Friday morning. Inclusiveness and openness are so important for his continued development.
With gratitude and holiday wishes, Ben”

“In 1990, my Baby & I joined the very first Creative Wiz Kids group in NYC. What a blessing! It was completely magical the way the children responded to you & all of the props you had on hand. Five years later when I created Yoga 4 Kids, I implemented many of the same strategies the children enjoyed with you. Thank you Frances Bildner…You are a genius!!!” Marita Gardner-Anopol, 17 May 2018

“After four children and their activities, this is my favourite.” – Emma Freud

“Dear Frances, I would like to thank you for an amazing party. The party is the talk of the day at the nursery, termed as “the best party ever”! All the best, Evie”

“Social occasions for both the Mum and the Babe – I love my chats, Billy loves his songs – and I love the painting – Thank You Frances” – Helena Bonham Carter

“My 15-month old attended her second class today, and I have to say she is thriving! The sessions are an hour long and there’s painting on large canvases, play-doh, craft, singing, and of course socialising. These sessions allow her the freedom to explore, be curious, create art, be messy, express.. all the great things that can mostly go missing in a typical day in our rushed lives in London.” Monika Bijani, 18 October 2017

“I adore Wiz Kids, as do my children. The painting and art projects are as much fun for the grown ups as for the children and the music Frances chooses is inspired and has us all dancing around the room! Art, music and children, what a perfect combination!” – Rosie Danvers

“Ned loves coming here and thoroughly enjoys his painting” – Caroline Spencer

“On my first meeting with Frances I instantly knew that I had found what I had been looking for. Frances keeps Miles artistically, mentally and physically busy, many friends have commented on how well-rounded and peaceful he is and I wholeheartedly agree. Frances has brought an element to many children’s lives that I think others in this field should strive for. She is a great example for others to follow.” – Janet Boulton

“Everyone should bring their children to Wiz Kids. I am now here with my second. They both love it. Painting, dancing-relaxed-great preparation for school. Frances is gorgeous. Try it” – Alli Byrne Esiri

“Frances Bildner is exceptionally warm and lively. The party was so successful and natural and unlike all other entertainers she truly understands what children need in an active way. Parents and siblings also had a wonderful time. My word for Frances is dynamic!” – Drs Mark and Karen Solms.

“I am very pleased I was recommended Creative Wiz Kids and I have also suggested it unreservedly to other friends with children.” – Stuart Andrews

“Your genuine love and enthusiasm for the creative performance arts clearly extends towards your charges. It is delightful to see such happy faces. Whatever your recipe is, it is obviously a recipe for success as a number of other parents say that Wiz Kids is their favourite activity as well as ours.” – Rebecca Dunford

“Many many thanks again for the truly delightful party. All week everyone has been saying how fantastic it was. You have a wonderful way with children and you made all the adults feel totally relaxed as well! Thank you!” – Alev Eveleigh

“If your child is going to be creative, their creativity will definitely be unleashed in this class. Very Inspirational! A must for every child – Jessica Zambeletti

“The best thing about Wiz Kids is Frances’ loving manner which enthuses the classes. Arthur and Charlotte and me look forward to the music and company every week. For me the best bit is Frances with her guitar.” –Rachel Grigg



What Kids say about CWK

“I want to stay at Wiz Kids till I’m 25!” – Olive Age 7

“I liked the flower painting the most and the songs which we sang like the yellow bird song!” – Annie Age 5

“I liked playing football and dancing to banana phone and bubbles,I liked painting and making my pig plate” – Buster Age 5

” I like it that we get to paint every day and make different things that I really like-my crown and frames”- Alexander Age 6

“I liked dancing and I liked the songs” – Krish age 3

“I liked playing games” – Arnav Age 4

“I liked drawing pictures” – Sophia Age 3

” I liked making biscuits” – Maia Age 4

” I liked playing whats the time Mr Wolf” – Tom Age 4